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 SKill Guide MoonLord DragonNest

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PostSubyek: SKill Guide MoonLord DragonNest   Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:55 pm

Hybrid PVE Build for Moonlord


  • Level 16 Impact Wave (434% MATK + 9641, 13s Cooldown)
  • Level 1 Circle Break (SA Breaking purposes as well as to hit 45 SP to learn ultimate)
  • No Sweeping Kick or Drop Kick
  • Level 1 Triple Slash and Front Shove (Triple slash for filler and mobility, Front Shove for I-frame Dodging)
  • Level 6 Eclipse (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 5 Brave (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 5 Provoking Slam (Max for 50 Cap)
  • Level 11 Cyclone Slash (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 9 Crescent Cleave (Max for 50 cap)
  • Level 7 Half-moon Slash (Max for 50 cap with 40% aboslute damage increase this is a must max skill now no excuse)
  • Level 2 Moonblade Dance
  • Level 1 Flash Stance (Must-get since 450 mark patch DMG Boosts)

Extra 3SP depending on where you want to add it (Drop kick, sweeping
kick will be my personal preference or you can learn level 1 rising

For those who wants to go pure MATK pve build, level 16 impact wave
is definitely better than getting the rising slash or circle break.

However if it does not fit your playstyle, feel free to go for rising slash level 6/11 if you want and ignore impact wave.

This is pure matk pve build so most physical skills will be ignored
unless it is of necessity in terms of utility or usefulness like
i-frame in the case of front shove.

Why Crescent Cleave Level 9 since it’s getting reduction in damage?

You can get it to level 6 but where do you want to place the points for the 3 SP?

You can add that 3SP to learning passive parry but that’s it, and
passive parry is useless without learning parrying stance in that sense
so that’s why I simply added Crescent Cleave to Level 9 unless you want
to use that 3 leftover SP to learn passive parry then by all means use
this 3 SP with reduction of crescent cleave to level 6 to get parrying

Some might argue that this pure matk pve build might not be as good
as the hybrid one with line drive so let’s see what are our options to
tweak this build above to accomodate for line drive.

Note line drive needs to be level 6 for this tweak to be purposeful.
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SKill Guide MoonLord DragonNest
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